Attack of the Frederators

Since it's been such a long time since I last posted, I figured I'd treat you all to some good old fashioned entertainment. How about some video. Mmm, that sounds scrumptious!

Got the video munchies?

I've been crazy busy with freelance work at home, but my day job has been incredibly slow. So slow that had it not been for my iPod with video, I might not be here today.

In case any of you find yourself in the same predicament, ie. having an iPod with video, some eyeballs and a bunch of time with nothing better to do than sit around staring blankly into a tiny screen, then the following list is for you.


Here are my top three favorite video podcasts. Each has three core ingredients that I find essential in mobile entertainment. They are short, fun and updated regularly, making them great on-the-go snacks. They also all coincidentally (or not) are animated shorts, which makes them easier to watch on tiny screens. Animations naturally have less detail to squint at in each frame. No artificial flavors and no preservatives.

Top three video podcasts on orangeSPLoTCH

  1. Channel Frederater
  2. Homestarrunner
  3. ReFrederater

So go ahead and throw them on your iPod, stare blankly at the screen and down time will literally melt away*.

*Time is not an element, therefore it cannot melt, freeze or subliminate. The use of the term "literally" is used figuratively here.

As a bonus treat, I've even embedded the latest episode from Channel Frederater for immediate enjoyment. You're welcome!

Feel free to post your favorite video podcast goodness in the comments. I'm always craving new video snacks on the go.

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