Blog Performance Analysis

One of the important things to consider when undertaking a new venture is to have clear goals in mind. What do you want to accomplish? How will you measure success?

How to gain blog bliss

The key there is that success needs to be measurable. Saying you want to make a lot of money really doesn’t mean anything. How much money is a lot? It probably depends on who you ask.

In an effort to quantify my own success (or failure), I’ve been piecing together statistics on areas I feel are important. This blog is one of those important areas.

My goals

I’d like to make a helpful place for other developers. I’d like to build a regular audience of readers. I’d even like to make some money from it one day.

While I can't directly control how many readers visit my site, I can control what is on the this site. Getting more users to come to the site and keep coming back requires having a blog that is worth reading.

So what makes a blog worth reading? First of all you need content. Regularly updated, useful and fun to read content. I already know I haven’t been updating here regularly, but I wanted to quantify my poor performance. That’s the only way I’ll know if I am improving.

Measuring content updates

Logging my entries was a little tedious, but simple. I simply opened a spreadsheet and entered the date and title of each article I’ve written. Count the number of articles and divide it by how many days the site has been around and that is the average number of days between posts. The results are pretty pathetic.

Since its inception, on average I’ve been posting to the site every 15 days.

Something more useful is to break the entries down by month and year intervals. This shows trends and gives you something to compare against. For instance, I discovered that I post a lot more frequently during the winter holiday season. Probably because that’s when I have the least amount of free lance work going on.

Visualize success

Thanks to Google’s handy spreadsheet program, I was able to generate this nifty timetable for your viewing pleasure. Now you, too, can see how inconsistent my publishing is.

Obviously it takes a little more than just posting regularly to a blog to bring in readers. If the content is bad, it doesn't matter how often it is updated. I'll have to come up with another metric to measure how "good" the articles are.

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  • Tina Russell

    I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

    Tina Russell

  • mattc

    I throw these posts out into the ether of the interweb, or blog-o-sphere, or whatever the kiddies are calling it these days, and am never sure what ends up happening to them. It’s nice to hear some feedback. Especially something as positive as this.

    Thanks Tina! You must be a morning person.