Flash is dead

With the release of the iPad this Saturday, Flash is officially dead.

No, I really don’t believe that, but there are plenty of people who do.

To make things a little interesting, this year I’m going to focus on recreating several of my Actionscript tutorials using Javascript instead. We’ll see how succesful I am. In any case it should mean that I end up learning a whole lot. Hopefully any readers who come across these tutorials will learn something, too.

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  • Allan Restauro

    if FLASH is dead, then www is no longer fun :) for animators and people who love animation via web

  • Kparker2011

    Flash is not dead and will not be for years to come. The only viable contendor is Silverlight. Silverlight is exreeemly complex and not developer friendly where flash is more developer friendly and can do things that JQuery cannot.