Growing Pains

Those of you visiting the site lately may have noticed the layout isn't working so good. I've been experimenting with some new stuff. As usual, the result is a big mess. At the same time my one year old son has been making a disaster of the house. I think he gets that from me.


My toddler loves to get his hands onto everything. Once in his ruthless grasp the fun begins. He squeezes, pokes, pulls, scratches, pounds, rips, stomps, and head-butts until something happens, sometimes with hilarious results.

Through this experimentation he's learned a lot about how things in the house work. When he bangs on the glass door it makes the dog bark. When he pushes buttons on the remote it makes the television do weird stuff and has the added bonus of making the lazy parents get off the couch and chase him.


Things start to get ugly when he is unable to get his expected outcome. For instance, when he mashes buttons on the VCR remote (yes, we still have a VCR) nothing happens on the television. His reaction to this is to smash the remote until the batteries fly out, then chuck it across the room while yelling at the top of his lungs. That at least gets the parents off the couch.


As a web designer I am constantly trying out new things. "Mashing the buttons" of a new CSS layout scheme, or poking at another Javascript library. After a while, I usually find things that seems to be consistent. Those becomes the expected behavior. Then I try them out in a different context, and nothing happens the way I thought it should. Rational people might rationally stop at this point and undo. Not me, I keep bashing at the problem until it does what I want, no matter how much collateral damage is caused on the rest of the site.

After my last CSS tantrum a couple of weeks ago, I tried to put the pieces back together as best I could. Sorry for the mess. I hope to fix it someday.

Turns out my son and I have a lot in common. Apparently I utilize the same learning techniques as a toddler. The only difference may be that I am mature enough not to do this on any of my clients sites, my son has no problem breaking things that don't belong to him.

Are there any other web design toddlers out there? I know of at least one illustrator with a similar problem.

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