My IconBuffet Addiction

I have officially become an IconBuffet addict.

As all addictions begin, I started as a casual user over a year ago. Each month IconBuffet's "Icon Chefs" release several new icon sets. Once a set is released, users can be given it by other users. However, there is a limit to how many sets you can give an receive each month. To make things a little more interesting, you also get points for various things, including how many sets you've given away to other users.

Originally I innocently got a few new sets each month as my tokens were refilled and then went about my life as usual. A month later I'd check in, get a few more and be on my way. But then something happened.

Suddenly I started wanting points. (Probably due to the fact that getting a ton of points gets you extra tokens, which means extra sets each month.)

So for the past two days I've been checking the blog on IconBuffet every five minutes. Anytime someone posts asking for a set, I immediately rush to be the first to delivery it to them.

If that wasn't bad enough, today I completely snapped. I visited dozens of random users sending them snowmen sets until I was all out of stamps. It was a virtual blizzard of icons flying from my maddened fingers. I've turned into a pathetic snowman spammer all for free icons.

I don't think I'm the only one who's been overcome by the temptation. Their site's been unusually slow lately.

Anyone else interested in becoming an icon addict simply needs to register on the It's only a matter of time until you're hooked too. Fortunately for me I'm all out of tokens and stamps for another 29 days.

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  • SooBrett

    Slow? A snail could cross my office ceiling in the time it takes to send a set or post a comment. I’m addicted too, but it’s a kinda frustrating addiction. Like an inveterate gambler who backs someone in the Round the World Yacht Race. zzzzz

  • mattc

    “A gambler backing someone in the Round the World Yacht Race” … hilarious.

    I accidentally laughed out loud while reading that and now everyone’s looking at me wanting to know what I’m reading. Maybe I shouldn’t be checking the blog at work.