Is the Splotch still alive?

I'm sure anyone who has been following this blog has been asking themselves "What happened?". This last month was crazy busy and my priorities have been far from my poor neglected site.

The good news is that things are settling down a little. Hopefully I will seize the opportunity be more responsible. To start, I'll highlight a few of my accomplishments since the last post.

First of all, orange Splotch is now my officially registered business name. I even have a fancy certificate to prove it. It's funny how important a piece of paper can make you feel. Even if that paper only cost you $10.00 plus a stamp.

I really wish I'd done this a long time ago.

As a celebration I went and took my fancy certificate to the bank and opened a business account. For anyone doing any kind of business on the side, I would highly recommend getting a dedicated business account. Keeping track of business income and expenses is painless when everything goes through a separate account. When you it all goes through your personal checking, it is a pain in the neck to follow.

And finally, I had a birthday. So go have a great day, too!!!

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