It’s Earth Day!

It's 2008. So what little things are you doing to save the world? Here's a little list of things I've done to be less of a resource hog.

orangesplotch goes green

Installed lots of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. We slowly have been phasing over our lights and I've found that not all bulbs are the same. The last batch we got were uber-environmental friendly, being mercury free also. They also don't work in a lot of our light sockets, while the mercury versions do. I guess broken lights are the most environmentally friendly, so way to go!

We've always used cold water to wash our clothes. Mostly as a way to keep them from fading as fast, but I'll claim the extra green-cred, too. Although I don't know if hot water is all that hard to generate here in Arizona. During the summer there isn't much difference between the hot water and the "cold" tap water coming through the pipes.

Bought a simple network file server for my home. Why does this save energy? Because before I was running two separate computers at the same time to store all of my files. Now I only need to have one computer on, and I still have access to all of my files. That is a lot of electricity saved, and it keeps my house a few degrees cooler while I'm working.

The way of the future

What are my plans for the future super-green orangesplotch? Well, for starters I need to swap out this mammoth CRT monitor with a nice flat panel. Not only will that save me lots of power, I could really use the extra real estate on my desk. My poor Star Wars action figures have no where to go right now.

So what are you doing to save the world? I'd love some pointers.

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