Main page update

I've finally taken the time to go in and update my home page. The "Look for content soon" block has been replaced with a list of the latest blog posts.

Rather than directly hacking into WordPress to get the latest blog entries, I'm using the lastRSS PHP class to pull the feed data in from Feedburner, reformat it and put it on the page. It is a little round-about, but removes the need to code up specific hacks into my blog back end which runs separately from the rest of the site. This way if I ever change my blog engine, I won't have to recode up the main page. Another point for web standards!

I used lastRSS because it was the first functional PHP class that I came across late last night. It works great, but doesn't support Atom feeds. Looking around today I came across SimplePie and I think I'll have to try it out. The documentation alone makes it look promising.

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