Number 2

Now that the first post pressure is off my shoulders I can relax again. Why is that first post always so difficult? I think I would live ten years longer if I could get rid of all the irrelevant pressure I put on myself. Does anyone else have this problem?

WordPress Plugin Shout-Outs

I just installed WordPress from scratch and already I've found a couple of plugins I can't live without. Thought I would share the love so someone else could benefit.

WordPress plugins I'm addicted to

  • Feedburner Feed Replacement: The best WordPress feedburner plugin I've found. Crazy simple. It magically forwards all feed links to Feedburner without the need to edit anything by hand.
  • Text Control: WordPress kept inserting p tags around everything I put in my posts: images, Flash objects, lists, whatever. It didn't matter whether I inserted the html by hand, or used the WYSIWYG editor, it all got mangled. I was about to strangle the WordPress, burn it and flush it down the toilet, but then I found this plugin to tame the autoformatting beast and all the anger dissolved.
  • WP-SlimStat: An absolutely beautiful WordPress statistics engine. I can't say enough about this plugin, so I'll shut my mouth and let it speak for itself.

Being relatively new to this, I'd love to hear what recommendations more experienced WordPress bloggers have. What plugins are worthy of your love?

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