Safari for Windows: I like it!

A lot of buzz is going around about Steve Job's keynote yesterday. Nothing surprising about that. I am surprised, though, at the all the response to Apple launching Safari on Windows. All the blogs I read are acting like it's not a big deal. I guess for all the real designers out there who already have an Apple Powerbook or two, this isn't all that exciting. However, for the on-the-side designer like me this is wonderful!

Up until yesterday I have lamented not being able to test my web designs on every modern browser. I don't have the cash to shell out for a shiny Apple computer. No Apple meant no testing on Safari. My dad has an Apple at his home, so whenever I visit, I sneak into the computer room for a few minutes and madly browse all of my clients pages to see if there are any problems. Not the most effective debugging method, but it's the best I could do.

Now, however, I can test my sites on every modern browser I need to. All this from my beat up, 5 year old desktop. Someday I would like to own my very own shiny Powerbook in all it's overheating glory. For now Safari on Windows allows me to make sure all of my Apple compadres are seeing the designs I want them to see. I say bravo to Apple for releasing Safari to the masses. It can only lead to better designed sites for Safari users everywhere. Maybe it will also enlighten a few more souls to the knowledge that Internet Explorer is not the only browser in existence today. More competition in the browser space is always a good thing.

That's my two cents. What's yours?

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  • Michael

    I think it is good for the same reason you do. But I was kind of miffed at jobs predicting that Safari would take Firefox’s spot and not make any dent to IE. I use a mac at work and there is no way safari would replace Firefox when there is no javascript debugging. Plus, if I use a mac and work and the first thing I do is download Firefox, why does Jobs think Safari is going to replace Firefox.

    He is wrong.

    But like I said, it is a good thing that we can test on safari now. I also agree that Safari is better than IE.