Spam Validates Me

This weekend I got my first comments on my new site. What a feeling! People are actually reading this and taking the time to leave their comments.

Unfortunately they were spam, so I never got the chance to see them on the site and I still don't know what they mean. Can anybody understand this?

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Happy Spam

Most people these days are complaining about the burden comment spam has become. I, however, found it somewhat encouraging. It makes my site feel real now. Someone, somewhere, has noticed my blog. Never mind the fact that this thing out there that noticed me has no brain. What bliss!

To discourage this kind of happy feeling from returning anytime soon, I've enlisted the help of super-hero Akismet to destroy all those mindless villains from commenting on my blog again. So to all you robots out there reading this, BEWARE! And to all of you imaginary friends that I pretend are reading this, keep posting your imaginary comments, no-one is blocking those and a lot of them are very entertaining.

Hmmm, maybe I should make an imaginary comment blocker. Since you need a robot to block robot comments, an imaginary friend should be able to block imaginary comments. I'm sure there are people out there who want to get rid of imaginary comments on their blogs. Does anyone have an imaginary friend who's up to the task?

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  • Michael

    Aaaah, I am reading your blog Matt. I have even linked to it from my blog. I think it is very well done.

  • mattc

    My first real comment. Hurray!

    To express my gratitude, I am awarding you the coveted, “First Commenter on” medal of honor. Oh wait, looks like I’m all out of those. Would a postcard do?