SwfObj Plugin Unleashed

It's been almost one week since I released the SwfObj plugin for WordPress. In that time its been downloaded 65 times and 2 people have contacted me about it. In my opinion that's not too shabby. So now what?

SwfObj is overdue for an overhaul. As I stated in my original release announcement, the purpose of this plugin is to take the pain out of uploading and embedding Flash media in WordPress. Right now it makes it easier to embed content, but you still have to upload the Flash files to the server manually, figure out their URLs, and then type out the shortcode. This falls far short of being painless.

Today SwfObj is taking a step in the right direction. Expanded features now make uploading and embedding Flash content into WordPress just a little easier. Still not painless, but closer.

Upload Flash directly

When you install and enable the latest SwfObj release, a new media button will appear in your post editor. This allows you to upload new Flash content to your WordPress Media Library for embedding. Additionally you can view all of the Flash content currently in your library and insert it into your post. Simply click on the "Media Library" to see all of your Flash objects.

Inserting Flash content from the library injects the proper shortcode into the post or page you are editing. Currently it only embeds the "src" and "alt" properties. Any additional properties such as dimensions have to be added manually. Future releases will auto-embed more properties.

Multiple language support

This release also adds international support for the SwfObj plugin. If anyone wants to translate this into their native language, please do. I'd love to have this available in several languages.

Try it out

If you use Flash a lot in your posts and are looking for an easier way to upload and embed them, this plugin may be something you'll want. Feel free to download the latest version of the SwfObj plugin and try it out. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear about any features you'd like to see, or problems you have encountered while using it. All feedback, good and bad, is welcome.

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  • http://www.ourownvoices.com Rodney

    Good afternoon,
    I uploaded the SwfObj plugin Tuesday night. I had to tweak a few things on the WP site afterwards but the rotating banners are working and the site looks nice. I lok forward to making some sales and coming back here to show my thanks and support with a donation.