SwfObj Updates for WP 2.8

Wordpress just recently released the latest version of their open source blogging platform. Plugin developers everywhere are busy updating their plugins. At least those who procrastinate. SwfObj is no exception. We love jumping on the bandwagon here.

Actually, I thought SwfObj was ready for the WordPress upgrade. I use a beta version to try and stay ahead of the curve. The plugin worked fine in my beta so it was good. Then I came across BraveNewCode's plugin checker and discovered the SwfObj plugin was breaking a cardinal rule. FAIL!

Plugin No-No

According to the plugin checker, my plugin was not compatible with the latest WordPress release for the following reason:

Uses 'wp-content' directly in code

Translated, this means I was hardcoding the wp-content path in my plugin, rather than using the WP_PLUGIN_URL constant.

As of WordPress 2.6, the wp-content directory can be located anywhere the site admin wants it to be. By hardcoding this path, anyone who had moved it would get errors when they tried to use the SwfObj plugin. There's a good post on how to correct the wp-content hardcoding problem if you are guilty of it too.

SwfObject 2.2

SwfObject also released an update. In response, I've updated SwfObj to use the latest SwfObject code, version 2.2. Onward and upward we go!

And there you have it, the latest SwfObj build. An updated SwfObject release and some compatibility fixes. All are available now at a WordPress repository near you.

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  • http://r-sn.com/wp r-sn.com

    Great SwfObj Plugin ..

    i hope the development of Plugin ..

    – add categories for swf files
    – add thumbnails of the subject ..


    thank you

  • http://www.tecnologiapc.net Giancarlo Granda

    I congratulate you for this plugin, and we look forward to implementing your plugin to run on wordpress 8.1.