What happens when you Splotch up your site?

We are experiencing technical difficulties

It appears some of the images and Flash files on the site have vanished into thin air. The good news is they are safely backed up on my computer at home. The bad news is they are safely backed up on my server at home. It will be at least a few hours before I am able to get them back up on the site.

I am in the middle of setting up a versioning system for this site. When it's running it will help me sync up changes between my testing server and my live server, allowing me to make changes on my testing server, debug them fully and then update them to the live server without braking anything out in the open. The irony of it is, while I get it working, I keep crashing the site.

For anyone interested, I'm using Subversion to manage my files and sshfs to mount my server locally to my Linux box. It's very useful stuff. Maybe I'll write more about it in the future, when I actually get it working.

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    Please do.