Your site is kind’a ugly

Due to recent events (i.e. mockery), I'll be redesigning the look of this, here site.

Yesterday, while driving across town with my wife, we engaged in a little conversation. It's something we like to do to pass the time. Usually I can't remember much of anything that is discussed during these activities. I could try to blame this on the fact that I am concentrating on driving. However, that theory fails to explain why I have the same time recalling conversations that have happened when I was sitting on the couch at home.

However, yesterdays discussion is still replaying in my mind today. Even stranger, I think my wife's comments might actually motivate me to take action. This is very odd indeed, when considering the proportion of times she's asked me to clean up my mess to the times I've cleaned up my mess.

So what was it that she said? I believe her exact words were:

No offense, but your site is kind'a boring and ugly. Maybe you should put some flowers on it.

While there won't be any flowers added, there will be some changes coming to the site. There are a lot of things I don't like about the current layout. I've added a lot of content since it was first pieced together and most of that is hidden away in the archives. That and it's "kind'a ugly".

So if you notice things moving around, or colors changing randomly, now you know why. I'll be hacking things out spontaneously over the next little while until I get the site to a place I'm happy with. At least until my wife stops mocking me.

Maybe I will put some flowers on it.

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  • SooBrett

    Hi, I’m linking in here from

    I don’t agree your site is boring and ugly. It does what it needs to do:
    • communicates your brand with a great name and logo
    • the content is easy to read
    • the open layout is fresh and clean.

    Too many sites are over-busy, cramped and unattractive. And I like your IB avatar too – great branding consistency. :)

  • mattc

    Thanks SooBrett. Your kind words have inspired me to further procrastinate updating my site’s theme.